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CLOUDSAT - General Comments
The CloudSat data products, which are used to establish the common locations and times for these co-location products, can be found in the CloudSat Data Processing Center (http://cloudsat.cira.colostate.edu/). Since our co-location process does not change the CloudSat data products (i.e. they are already co-located to the CloudSat track), we do not provide the copy of the CloudSat data products on this site.
AIRS on Aqua
Product: AIRX2ret - AIRS L2 standard retrieval product using AIRS IR and AMSU
AMSR-E on Aqua
Product: AMSR-E - AMSR-E Daily Geophysical Product
Product: CAL_LID_L2_05kmALay - CALIPSO Lidar Level 2 5km Aerosol Layer Data
Product: CAL_LID_L2_05kmCLay - CALIPSO Lidar Level 2 5km Cloud Layer Data
Product: CAL_LID_L2_05kmCPro - CALIPSO Lidar Level 2 5km Cloud Profile Data
Product: CAL_LID_L2_40kmAPro - CALIPSO Lidar Level 2 Aerosol Profile data
Product: CAL_LID_L2_VFM - CALIPSO Lidar Level 2 (Vertical Feature Mask data)
CERES on Aqua
Product: CERES-SSF-Aqua-FM3-MODIS_Edition2D - Single Scanner Footprint TOA/Surface Fluxes and clouds
Product: ERA_level_analysis - ERA Interim Atmospheric Model Analysis for Pressure Levels (GRIB fields)
Product: ERA_surface_analysis - ERA Interim Atmospheric Model Analysis for Surface (GRIB fields)
Product: YOTC_surface_analysis - YOTC Atmospheric Model Analysis for Surface (GRIB fields)
MLS on Aura
Product: ML2CO.002 - MLS/Aura L2 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Mixing Ratio (Version 2.23)
Product: ML2H2O.002 - MLS/Aura L2 Water Vapor (H2O) Mixing Ratio (Version 2.23)
Product: ML2HNO3.002 - MLS/Aura L2 Nitric Acid (HNO3) Mixing Ratio (Version 2.23)
Product: ML2IWC.002 - MLS/Aura L2 Cloud Ice Water Content (IWC)
Product: ML2O3.002 - MLS/Aura L2 Ozone (O3) Mixing Ratio (Version 2.23)
Product: MLST.002 - MLS/Aura L2 Temperature (TEMP)
MODIS on Aqua
Product: MODIS_aerosol_5km - MODIS aerosol product with 5 km resolution (MOD04 format)
Product: MODIS_cloud_1km - MODIS cloud product with 1 km resolution (MOD06 format)
Product: MODIS_cloud_5km - MODIS cloud product with 5 km resolution (MOD06 format)
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